Guidelines For Reopening

After careful consideration, we have decided to re-open the Tabernacle Church on Father’s Day, June 21, 2020. Although we are extremely excited to see one another, we must proceed carefully to protect us all. We encourage those who are considered ‘high risk” to stay home and participate online via our website or the Tabernacle Facebook page.

We need everyone’s help to make this re-opening a success. Please review the guidelines below and come prepared to cooperate with the directions you receive.


  1. Only one entrance to the building will be used where temperatures will be taken via a 15” heat sensor. Anyone with an elevated temperature will not be allowed beyond the temperature screening area and should proceed home to care for themselves.
  2. The only areas of the building to be used are the Sanctuary, one set of restrooms, the Sanctuary Lobby, and the hallways from the Sanctuary Lobby to the restrooms. No one will be permitted to roam the hallways. Please follow the signs that direct where you are able to move.
  3. >Only one set of restrooms will be made available, the ones closest to the lower parking lot just off the main sanctuary. Individuals using the restrooms should follow instructions to sanitize surfaces they touch prior to leaving the restroom.
  4. Family groups may sit together but must sit at least 6 feet away from other family groups.
  5. Alternating rows have been marked by upside-down chairs. These rows are not to be used for any purpose.
  6. There will be no childcare or children’s church. Children must sit with their parents.
  7. There will be no Bible Hour.
  8. All congregants should wear masks at all times within the building. The only exceptions are Bishop while she is preaching and Elder Earl while he is singing.
  9. Unfortunately, we cannot hug or socialize after service.
  10. For offerings, we will not be receiving them in the front of the sanctuary. Instead, you may drop your tithes and offerings in the back receptacles by the Sanctuary doors on your way in or continue to send them in via one of the online methods:
    • a. Select the “Give Now” button on
    • b. Text “give” to 301-234-6220
  11. If you choose to wear gloves, please discard them in a trash can when you are done or bring them back to your car for proper disposal at home.
  12. After service, the fire exits from the Sanctuary will be used to reduce congestion and enable people to immediately go outdoors. Please exit while maintaining a 6-foot distance to others.